Tube Users, Keep Your Cool ...

By Jemimah Steinfeld Last edited 126 months ago
Tube Users, Keep Your Cool ...

rsz_tube.jpgLondonist is fuming, literally and alas will be for quite some time – the £150 million plan to chill the tube looks set to be suspended. It’s deemed too expensive (shock, horror) by Transport for London, who has taken over from maintenance company Metronet.

Of course our hopes of a cooler network were not that high – what with seemingly ludicrous plans to install ice under the seats or redirect cold water in Victoria – we never really expected to be rendered anything less than hot and sweaty during our morning commute.

We do understand that living in one of the oldest cities and commuting on the oldest tube network comes at a price. We just wish that price wasn’t sweating off our face twice daily. Sort it out, please, it’s our Christmas wish.

And while we have your attention, a little insight into some of our other Yuletide yearnings:

- Full mobile reception on the underground.

- Ubiquitous public toilets Tokyo style.

- Longer tube running hours.

- If the latter prove unfeasible, subsidised taxis for solo females late at night.

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Last Updated 21 November 2007


Mobile reception in the tube is a bad bad bad bad idea. The last thing we need is people shouting "WHAT??? SORRY, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!" at the tops of their voices into their mobiles.

Jemimah Steinfeld

Yes, except on the million occasions when the tube stops for ten minutes for no reason in a tunnel or a line is suspended etc etc and the fear of being late becomes a reality - the ability to make an emergency phone call would be great.


No surprises about the cooling system being knocked on the head. Weren't they begging the public for ideas a couple of years ago?

Big thumbs down from me, too, for mobile reception. The relative aural calm (when compared to the palimpsest of tedious conversations that assault the ears on a typical bus journey) of the underground is one of the few highlights.


wouldn't it be lovely if the announcements didn't lie. When the train is going to be four minutes it would be much better if it didn't take seven. We know when we're being fibbed to!!!


i think mobile phone reception would be a great idea as would air con. anything to make lives easier. tubes are always delayed and it would definietly be a big bonus if you could let people know your predictament from the tube. as to tedious conversations i hear enough of them on the tube can always listen to an ipod to drown out the noise.


After getting used the Washington, DC metro...I was shocked to discover how hot and uncomfortable and expensive the Tube is.


Ubiquitous public loos are a great idea. But are Londoners sufficiently trustworthy not to abuse them?

Or maybe I'm being too cynical.