Spice Girls Fans Insanely Speedy

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Spice Girls Fans Insanely Speedy

You might have heard - the Spice Girls are reforming for a few concerts. It wasn't very publicised, so you could be excused for missing it. Tickets for the London concert on 15 December at the O2 Centre went on sale on Monday and sold out in thirty eight seconds.

That's right. Thirty eight seconds.

That means the tickets could have sold out 4.74 times while you listened to an average pop song.

Or they could have sold out 6.42 times while you watched the Wannabe video.

You could watch a man age 85 years, and still have two seconds to spare. (Careful with that link, though - it's got some loud music.)

If you're an average reader, it probably took you around 38 seconds to read this far.

It's awfully speedy.

Just for comparison's sake, here's how fast a few other recent concerts sold out:

Sex Pistols – 10 minutes

Bruce Springsteen at the O2 – 10 minutes

Concert for Diana – 30 minutes

Glastonbury – 1 hour 45 minutes

Take That – 3 hours

Poor Take That. Do you think they're suffering from reunion tour envy?

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It's more testament to AEG / Ticketmaster's PR machine & strategy - keep on slowly adding more dates and releasing more batches of tickets so that that they can generate headlines like that.

I can see why they do it, although it tends to be most unfair on the keenest fans - people end up buying rubbish tickets in the top tier, thinking that's the best they can get, and then a day later another gig is added, and another, and so on, meaning if they'd just waited they could still get better tickets.

They did the same with Prince - announced to the world that tickets had sold out in half an hour or something, and then continued to release more dates and even more tickets for previously sold-out dates steadily over the two months he was here. On most dates it turned out there were still tickets (and often quite good ones) on the day itself.