Man Dragged To Death Under Bendy Bus

Dean Nicholas
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Man Dragged To Death Under Bendy Bus

Aside from being crime-ridden, non-reversing, combustible, poorly-designed eyesores, we can sadly add another category to the list of faults with the bendy bus: potential deathtrap.

21-year old Lee Beckwith was exiting the N25 route in Ilford early on Tuesday morning, when he apparently fell under the wheels of the bus. The driver, who was subsequently arrested, failed to notice the presence of a fully-grown man lodged beneath his vehicle, and drove off with Mr. Beckwith trapped underneath. After more than a mile the body became dislodged and was later found by a passer-by.

A TfL spokesperson noted that bus fatalities are very rare - "one for every 100 million miles operated", apparently - yet according to their own statistics, pedestrians and cyclists are more likely to be hit by a bendy bus than any other type. Perhaps Boris Johnson's lofty promise to bring back Routemaster will be a vote-winner after all.

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Last Updated 10 October 2007


Ah, the 25, the shittiest, most dangerous (according to official TfL stats) and most overcrowded (I reckon, anyway) bus in London. The poor man. I had a feeling when I saw the headline that the bus in question would be a 25 and lo and behold, it was.

I've had some pretty bad experiences on it too - like the time I saw two girls put their cigarettes out on the face of a man who asked them to stop smoking. I have seen some awful behaviour from drivers too - like the driver who threw a girl off the bus along with the two men who were sexually harassing her/stealing from her until passengers forced him to go back and pick her up.

TfL, as if you care, amalgamating about 8 different routes into one ultra-awful bus was NOT a good idea. It's the only bus for Bow and beyond which is a recipe for disaster. I wish this tragic incident would act as a wake-up call but have no faith whatsoever that this will be the case.


accident is always happen...but try not to blame anyone cause sometime is your fault too