Sutton Cemetery: Not The Place To Be Right Now

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Sutton Cemetery: Not The Place To Be Right Now

Londonist has a case of the spookies – deathly headstones in deathly places. More specifically, Sutton Cemetery.

According to This is Local London, bereaved relatives frequenting their loved one's resting place have been confronted by not-so-subtle wooden support stakes and yellow post-its informing them of the instability of the headstones, which must then either be shored up or replaced. A spokesman from Sutton council explains these actions are a response to the rising number of accidents, including deaths, which have recently resulted from these falling felons. In fact, the issue is so paramount the national Health and Safety Executive has urged all local councils to carry out similar surveys.

Such action has provoked the wrath of relatives though, who contend that nothing is wrong with the headstones. To add further insult to, ahem, injury, those without the correct insurance policy must foot the bill. Unhappy times.

By Jemimah Steinfeld

Image courtesy of justanuptowngirl via the Londonist flickr group.

Last Updated 20 September 2007


I've heard this so many times now, nbut must confess to never hearing of peopel being killed by falling tombstones. What are the numbers? If this really is a national scandal, then there must be figures to back it up.

Or is it just the nanny state picking on something else in case someone decides to sue them?


This is happening a lot - however there are now new laws regarding the disturbance of graves over 75 years old. Old remains can be disturbed and new remains buried there.

See my blog on it here