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It's Official - Boris Will Be In The Blue Corner

By Londonist_ben Last edited 117 months ago
It's Official - Boris Will Be In The Blue Corner

Boris Johnson today won the Conservative Party open primary to determine who will be the Conservative Candidate for London Mayor. Quelle surprise!

The poll was open to Londoners of all political colours, sadly the poll wasn't highjacked by thousands of Warwick Lightfoot's magical woodland friends from the Shire. In fact, only 0.37% of eligible voters took part. Hooray for democracy.

The results were as follows -

Boris Johnson 15,661

Victoria Borwick 1,869

Andrew Boff 1,674

Warwick Lightfoot 609

Poor Warwick Lightfoot, he certainly had our backing after being the first politician to admit to us that he had vomited on the tube.

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