Chinese Delivery

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Chinese Delivery

They're here!

It's taken 2 years of planning, 46 crates, 2 days on the road from Xian to Beijing, 4 inter-continental air freight batches and a lot of extremely careful unpacking to bring 120 marvellous objects, including 12 warriors, other life-sized figures and even 2 horses, from the Museum of the Terracotta Army to London.

If you want to gawp in awe at them you'd better get your skates on. The British Museum has already sold in excess of 100,000 tickets for the exhibition which doesn't even open till next week.

The First Emperor: China's Terracotta Army opens on 13 September at the British Museum and runs till 6 April 2008. Buy timed tickets for £12 online or call 020 7323 8181.

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Hmmmm... I'm torn with this. The warriors are AMAZING. I saw them in Xi'an a couple of years ago. But one of the most impressive things is the vastness of the area and how many there are. Seeing them as a group of hundreds is fab. I think we're going to miss out on that by only having a few. Yes people will be able to see them close up, but I can't help but feel this won't be the same. Seeing them in the excavation sites is amazing, especially as they're still finding more.

I think it's great that people get the opportunity to see them, I just don't think it'll have any kind of impact... so as I say... am torn.


I'm still holding out for a clever simulation of the actual site (smoke, mirrors, virtual reality glasses) although how this might be achieved in the reading room I've yet to figure out.