London On the Cheap: 27th August - 2nd September

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London On the Cheap: 27th August - 2nd September

We're skint again! We've spent all of our money on festivals only to find that we've spent hours standing in the rain listening to the bands we didn't really want to see but our best mate wanted to because they fancy the singer. This means that yet again, we can't go and do any of the things we want (and yes we're sulking). We can't go to any of the gigs we'd planned to, and we can't go and see the adaptation of All About My Mother at The Old Vic. But fear not, as always (except for last week - sorry about that) we're here to share with you what's fun and free this week:

Monday: We like it when our favourite frontmen have new little projects. It brings us things like Gorillaz. This time it's the turn of Guillemots frontman at The Big Chill House. You can see Fyfe Dangerfield and The Gannets alongside weekly regulars the Mules and also Duncan Brown's Pound Of Flesh. All for free! Flirt like a shameless groupie and you may even get your beer paid for too.

Tuesday: It's been a while since we went to a good exhibition. And ages since we read a good book (seriously, could someone suggest one please). Today we're going to link our love of art and books together with a trip to the Biblion Gallery and the Codex Exhibition. David Breuer Weil is the first to show his stuff at the antiquarian store and you'll get to see how books and writing can influence art. Maybe even pick up something to read on the train home.

Wednesday: It seems there's nothing you can't do at The Scoop. We knew you could pop to see a show after work, but now you can even take a trip there before hitting the office. This time to do a morning T'ai chi class. They're totally free (of course) but you need to get there early to register (7.20am for a 7.30am start). We hope you enjoy this but Londonist will probably still be tucked up in bed with a cup of tea.

Thursday: Sometimes the press really really annoy us. But, we can't deny that there's been some pretty good photojournalism going on recently. At The Royal Festival Hall today, you can see the World Press Photo Exhibition and see for yourself what we're talking about. With images like this, it makes you wonder why they spend half their time snapping Girls Aloud falling out of clubs in Chelsea.

Friday: Since Londonist started this column, we've discovered something wonderful: It seems that if you look hard enough there is always free theatre in London. Luckily, we search for you. This week, it's the turn of Yours Krishna Menon at The Nehru Centre It's a play about young Indian man in London and the campaign for Indian independence.

Saturday: We are going free food festival crazy this weekend and we can't wait. Oh joy! Today sees the start of the Singapore Chilli Crab Festival Basically all you need to do is listen to music, drink beer and eat chilli prawns at the Vibe Bar, The Boiler House and 93 Feet East. Sounds good to us.

Sunday: Oysters. We can't decide if we love them or hate them. (This Londonista is staying firmly on the hate side of the fence.) For those of you who do love the slimy balls of 'aphrodisiac' sludge, you can continue your seafood weekend and pop down to the Rosemary Branch Oyster festival today.

Or, you could stay in and get pissed on that old bottle of cooking sherry you found last night.

There's lots of stuff to do here, and lots of opening and closing times. Londonist thinks you should take a peek at the websites before you go for more information.

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