What’s for Lunch? Yum Yum

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What’s for Lunch? Yum Yum

Londonist asks that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.

Yum Yum

48 Caledonian Road N1 9DP


Expect to Pay: £4.20 for a starter and main

Rating: 6.9 out of 10

Upon hearing that Yum Yum, a Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai “fusion” take away near King’s Cross offered a starter and main lunch combo for a mere £4.20, Londonist got the yen for some fried rice. Duly heading over to investigate, we found this humble take away to have a slightly more upscale interior than expected (table service, nice new tables and chairs, a fish tank with lots of pretty goldfish). Our craving for fried rice was soon satiated with a piled-high plateful of Nasi Goreng (Malaysian fried rice) preceded by a starter course of mini spring rolls, all of which indeed only cost £4.20.

On the way to Yum Yum, we fully expected to be underwhelmed and were wondering if this lunch would result in our first truly negative review. But, the friendly and quick service and the savoury food kind of won us over. Even with the above standard dining area and service, a better name for this take away might be a less enthusiast (and less redundant) “Yum” as the food, although good and savoury, isn’t anything to write home about.

We give Yum Yum a rating of 6.9. However, if you live or work in close proximity to this take away, go ahead and bump it up slightly above 7, and if comparing it solely to other Chinese take away joints, give Yum Yum a generous rating of 8 out of 10.

Thanks to Londonist editor M@ for suggesting Yum Yum!

Photography by Tiki Chris © 2007.

Last Updated 19 July 2007


Chris, What other kinds of foodstuffs can you buy for a bargainous £4.20?


A colleague of mine had a laksa that was so large she could have submerged her whole head.

You also get infinite jasmine tea.


Or Indonesian fried rice if your dad happened to grow up there.


"infinite jasmine tea"

Wow that sounds more like a state of being than an actual beverage choice.


"other kinds of foodstuffs?"

Yum Yum has a very lengthy menu for mains. However, starters were only three: sweet corn soup, mini spring rolls or samosa.


infinite jasmine tea??? eeek!!! this is AMAZING!!! Chris, I think you need a dining companion from now on - you find the best places!


Thanks Siany! Let's do lunch.