Tube Drivers Find Ways To Keep Entertained

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Tube Drivers Find Ways To Keep Entertained

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If you travel in East London, this is a view you've probably seen a thousand times. But, unless you work for London Underground, you probably haven't seen it from quite that angle. It's is a tube driver's view from Aldgate East to Barking, and London Underground has just found out that drivers have been filming these videos and posting them to YouTube. Understandably, they're a bit worried.

Our search on YouTube for "london underground driver view" came up with twelve videos. Some are quite arty and are set to music, and they vary in length from 26 seconds to almost ten minutes. And all were filmed by drivers of tube trains, presumably while they were working.

London Underground doesn't think it necessarily poses a risk for drivers to be filming these videos as they drive around the underground system, but a spokesperson says that it's 'not the kind of behaviour we expect from drivers.'

Drivers caught in the act of filming will be reprimanded and could face disciplinary action. And, if other commuters are like Christof Delin, the tube passenger who found the videos on YouTube and reported them, then they may find they have less passengers on their trains:

If I see a driver recording when a train passes through I'm not going to go on that train. I'll wait for the next one because I feel the driver isn't focused and not doing what he should be doing.

He may be on to something there.

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oh, relax! The camera's obviously mounted to something... he hits play and forgets about it... there's nothing wrong with it!


On some lines the driver doesn't do any more than open and close the doors and make announcements. The trains practically drive themselves.

Edwin Lyons

Well, what does the driver care if you get on his train or not? I certainly don't. I find the London Underground fascinating, so its quite interesting to see videos like this.


I wonder is the train that derailed itself was 'practically driving itself' or if the driver was filming that?


'siany' - something called Automatic Train Operation may answer your question. It's a case of 'push a button and observe'. Driver probably couldn't do a hell of a lot about debris on the line if you're talking about the recent incident on the Central Line in the East End.

'Alice' - chill! I hardly think a mounted cam is going to affect a driver's reactions unless they're driving through the viewfinder!

I said on my forum that Mr. Delin is a numbnuts for busybodying this issue to light. Something as an ex-(long suffering) Underground commuter I stand by firmly, and would prefer vitriol directed towards Profits from the Public Purse, sorry, Public Private Partnership or the increasing lack of ticket staff, to name but two gripes with the Underground today.

Greetings from Göteborg, Sweden.

Eternal Traveller (


oh, I dind't know that was the reason for the train derailing. Oooops. But I do still think there is a danger though... we wouldn't be impressed if someone was filming while going down the m25... it's really not different. if you're in charge of a vehicle than you're in charge of it. Not a camera becuase you're a bit bored.