Londonist reviews: Diana Memorial Concert

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Londonist reviews: Diana Memorial Concert

Before you carry on reading, please note that this particular Londonista was not one of the 63,000 at Diana's memorial at Wembley Stadium. This is more of an armchair review, but hopefully one that is relevant enough for you to forgive us just this once.

Today, two young men mourned the ten year anniversary of the death of their mother. On what would have been her 46th birthday. This isn't particularly unusual, but when you have to do it live on a stage at the new Wembley Stadium in a show being broadcast to millions, it becomes slightly more surreal. But then, as much as they try, Prince Harry and Prince William will never be just two ordinary blokes.

The concert showed an amazing support for the boys as they celebrated the life of a woman who touched London along with the rest of the world. Elton John opened (and closed) the show which was nothing short of spectacular. Even a set from Lily Allen hit the right note; upbeat but respectful - something she hasn't been very good at recently.

"This event is about all that our mother loved in life - her music, her dancing, her charities and her family and friends," said William, 25. It was clear from the support of everyone that this was the case.

For once, a concert that would usually feel disjointed with all of the random people involved actually felt like it had a purpose. Well, would you put P.Diddy, Duran Duran and Take That in the same line-up? Probably not, but this was a phenomenol gig for a woman who didn't do what people expected of her. But she did make the Royal Family just a little bit more interesting, didn't she?

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This post has caused me to unsubscribe from Londonist's RSS feed. Also, I feel a little sick.


Can I ask why, 'Guest'? It's a post about a woman who was a huge figure in London all of her life, and her sons who still are. At the newly built Wembley stadium IN London. Is there any way this post isn't relevant to Londonist... yes I wasn't at the concert, but something this important can't be ignored.


Don't worry about the first 'Guest' comment, Siany. He/she is clearly lame, nothing wrong with being sentimental occasionally. It was a great concert, glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Im not sure where Guest 1 is coming from either. I missed the concert but was interested to hear about it and glad the Londonist reported on it. Good job Siany!


I have never considered myself a Diana fan, but I also agree that it was nice to see a woman who was loved by many, celebrated in a way that did not focus on loss but tried to be positive. It was good to see the boys sharing the rememberence with the public-acknowledging the affection that many people had for Diana. Unfortunately, it is never a nice thing to lose a parent, even more difficult to talk about it, let alone be under public scrutiny about it. I'm sure that there are a few there who were just there due to the bandwagon effect and we will probably never know the full story surrounding her, but for now, respect for the dead is good enough for me. I'd like to invite the first guest to share their opinions so we can better understand your strong reaction.


It was a great concert - it even got this hardened anti-royalist feeling slightly sentimental! Not sure what about the article (or the concert) made the first guest feel "sick", but I think the review sums up the concert very well.


If I ignore what the concert was in honour of (which I find quite revolting), I loved the bits I saw because it was comedy gold including

- the death of Ricky Gervais' career?
- P Diddy being his usual understated self
- Drunk princes clapping out of time



Overall the concert was a wonderful gesture but there were definitely both high and low notes, and the crowd was a bit placid until the sun went down

- I have never been a Take That fan but "Back for Good" was the highlight of the day, the perfect song with the right sentiment that got the whole crowd singing

- Conversely, Kanye West singing "Golddigger" was all wrong for this concert

- Duran Duran may have been Diana's favorite but they lacked emotion and didn't get the crowd involved

- Joss Stone rocks; she should have done a longer set