This Week's Buzzwords: Jittery, Critical and Vigilance

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This Week's Buzzwords: Jittery, Critical and Vigilance

London went back to work this morning in a mood universally described as ‘jittery’. We must be vigilant, say the authorities, for the alert status remains ‘Critical’, and further attacks are deemed likely.

The authorities are certainly being vigilant. Heathrow’s Terminal 3 was closed for a time yesterday, on the discovery of a suspect package. And in St Albans, a dodgily parked white Ford Transit was cordoned off after its owner could not be traced.

Police presence has increased across the capital. Be prepared for more stop and search, especially if you’re driving near mainline stations. Heathrow and City airports have armed police on the prowl, and all airports have restricted forecourt access for vehicles, following the Glasgow attack. At Wimbledon, new concrete crash barriers have been installed to impede would-be car bombers.

On the Tube this morning, people didn't look particularly jumpy, although there was a noticeable dearth of iPods. Otherwise, it was business as usual.

We’re not alone in our danger. According to ABC news, the USA can expect an attempted ‘terror spectacular’ this summer. “This is reminiscent of the warnings and intelligence we were getting in the summer of 2001,” according to an undisclosed and somewhat shadowy source. Sounds like a long hot summer ahead.

Be vigilant say the authorities. But we'd also recommend a look at Taking Liberties for other reasons to be on guard. Especially under a new government.

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Oh how I laughed this morning to see the two cops at their ring of steel positions on Victoria St. Talk about closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. The ring of steel hasn't been policed at all in the last 6 months as far as I have noticed.

Then I had to walk way over to the side of the pavement to get out of the way of three City Of London police walking three abreast on a narrow pavement.
The level of policing is getting scary and more and more of them are carrying firearms.

Didn't the Nazi party get into power on the basis of a terrorism crisis from the Communists?


hmmm..... the firearm carrying coppers at charing cross were a shock to me this morning too...