Chelsea: For Alcoholics, Debtors, Overeaters and Monkey Music

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Chelsea: For Alcoholics, Debtors, Overeaters and Monkey Music

We have to thank reader David Roots for sending in this little gem. Chelsea Theatre hosts a mesmerising programme of classes for people with problems – from narcotics abuse to pecuniary difficulties. But can you spot the odd ones out? And what the hell is ‘monkey music’?

With apologies to Chelsea Theatre for lifting this from their site – we’re checking in to ‘image pilferers anonymous’ tonight, to correct our vice.

Last Updated 30 July 2007


Aren't you old enough to remember the Monkees? They were a rock band/television show. When they 1st started they couldn't play the instruments...of course they spelled it different, so maybe it is different, who knows? I do know that Narcotics Anonymous dresses the disease of addiction, so it doesn't matter what you are addicted to - really!


opps, NA addresses the disease of addiction. When we try to dress it, we always relapse!


y'know, I almost wanna go along and find out what monkey music is...