Ticket-alert: Angular Marmite

By Talia Last edited 132 months ago
Ticket-alert: Angular Marmite

Some people really, really love Interpol. Some people hate them beyond belief and spend all their times wittering on about Ian Curtis and how Interpol have no imagination, are ruining music, are the devil etc etc etc.

If you are of the former disposition, then you would probably like to know that the band have just announced a one-off UK date at the Astoria at 2 July.

Tickets go on sale at 9am tomorrow. Let us know if you get them or just how much Interpol have ruined your life in the comments below.

Last Updated 19 June 2007

Dave Knapik

I met a guy last night who told me that if anything goes wrong in my life, I should blame it on Interpol because they are the cause of all things wrong in the entire universe.

We were at a gig and it was quite loud, otherwise I would have argued that Tears For Fears is the root of all evil.

I hate Tears For Fears.


Interpol ruined my life. They made me get up before 9am on my day off.


How can anyone claim that Interpol are unoriginal or have in any way ruined their life when Snow Patrol is out there polluting the airwaves and the soundtracks of nearly every tv show?