Extra, Extra...Olympic Logo Edition

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Extra, Extra...Olympic Logo Edition


  • BBC publishes Goatse Olympics logo!! If you have no idea why this is a mistake, wikipedia 'goatse'. But, be warned, it's not nice.
  • Early nicknames for the real logo include 'Gay swastika puzzle' and 'Tiswas disaster'. But the leading meme is of 'Lisa Simpson giving head'.
  • Over on Facebook, more than 50 groups have been set up to change the logo.

First link with thanks to :JW.

Image taken from Martin Deutsch's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 04 June 2007


Oh good lord. who was on that focus group? Not since Altanta chose a flying sperm as a mascot in '96...


So, in the interests of balance, where do I sign a petition to say I like the branding? Or is this one of those votes where only the opinion of the originator matters?

It's all a bit 'Evening Standard' hysterical. Has anyone taken the time to read the web-site and understand the brand?


Rob, if you have to read about the purposes of the brand before you like the logo, then the logo has failed as a logo. We're talking about a logo here, not a work of art.