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Track The Plaque

Part 14

Another tough one for you. Where in London can you find this tragic inscription?

Transcription: In Memorium • Peter Gerald Goodman • Harold David Poultern • Boys of this school who were mortally wounded by a German rocket while standing near this spot during the lunch hour on Thursday March 15th 1945 • i medus nobis erepti nequd vero b memoria

Bonus points if you can translate the Latin (which we're not sure we've transcribed properly).

Check out our archive - there are still a few plaques waiting to be solved.

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I believe the Latin roughly translates to something along the lines of 'those who were snatched from us shall not be snatched from our memories', although it's years since I touched Latin - I'm a bit rusty.


It's at the Bruce Castle Museum since the original school has been demolished.


Wow, I'm impressed - it is indeed Bruce Castle in Tottenham. A place well worth a visit if you've never been.