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The Daily Caption

Here's a wonderful oldy from Chutney Bannister showing a couple of Elvi gyrating on the Thames foreshore, while their dogs frolic and gambol nearby. If ever a photo needed a caption...

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Last Updated 22 May 2007


"Don't look Black Dog, he's thrusting..." arft

AfraidOf Ducks

It's times like this I wish my trousers weren't so tight


I see these two guys (sometimes accompanied by a lady) at many of London's music and arts events. I'm always surprised that they seem to know what the cool happenings are - they must be in their 50s - maybe they read Londonist! They usually dress in this fashion.

Does anyone know who they are?


I think they are the two all time greats of the london scene. Always at the best events, always individual, and most of all always grooving. But, what I really want to know, is who are they?? I would have gone up and talk to them, but I've never seen them not dancing. Respect.


Adore these guys!

Seen them plenty of times dancing at South Bank close to London Eye.
Seem to have deal with one of the street musicians there. (The black guy with a guitaar and an amplifier who plays some type of nice and non threatening funky stuff of his own composition, I think. Also remember him featured on tv about a year ago about the street musicians conditions in London).

They always pull a large crowd and the tourists don't know what to make of them.

They certainly have got more charisma than needed to lure the pound coins out of tourist pockets there! Love them!