The Daily Caption

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The Daily Caption

Another bit of oddness from Sparticus. You know the routine...

If you've got an unusual image of the capital that you'd like us to consider for this slot, either upload to Flickr and tag it Londonist, or email to londonist - at - gmail - dot - com

Last Updated 21 May 2007


('merican accent) What d'ya mean, I can't come in to use the bathroom?


You can tell by the ginger hair that it's Harry's, innit!

Let me in so I can talk to his Granny about getting on the Civil List.


cop1 "what's this red thing leaning on our legs ?"

cop2 "that's our beloved ruler"

cop1 "blimey, i don't think i'll ever get the measure of this job"

cop2 "we're only 'ere so someone don't half inch it"

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