The Daily Caption

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The Daily Caption

"My god. Run. A giant ant is attacking London!"

Ho, ho, don't you worry, gentle readers. It's not real.

But this image from Sparticus is crying out for a witty caption. Which is where you come in...

If you've got an unusual image of the capital that you'd like us to consider for this slot, either upload to Flickr and tag it Londonist, or email to londonist - at - gmail - dot - com

Last Updated 17 May 2007


Surely all the cockroaches in the City wear pinstripes?


But Russell, we spent the rest of the budget on Kylie for the Christmas special


"I for one welcome our new insect overlords". - someone had to say it ^_^


"Although Lord Foster's planned structure is technically to be known as 1 Aldgate Plaza, London's irrepressible hoi polloi are already beginning to refer to it as The Roach."