Pete Doherty: Renaissance Man

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Pete Doherty: Renaissance Man

That’s right, the baby-faced shambles can turn his paws to just about anything. Not content with singing, composing, injecting, snorting and disappointing, he’s now mastered the paint brush. What a versatile and fascinating young chap he is.

The ‘Bloodworks’ exhibition is being held at the Bankrobber gallery and features sketched images ranging from a cricifixion [sic] scene to self-portraits.

Why Bloodworks? The pictures are sketched in blood, from the shifty ragamuffin’s own veins. You can pick up prints from £250. But get to the Notting Hill gallery before the police do. Doherty’s phlebotomised daubings are likely to contain all manner of confiscatable substances.

Image may or may not be a Doherty original.

Last Updated 14 May 2007