Banksy Unmasked (Again?)

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Banksy Unmasked (Again?)

Is this the face of the UK’s most famous graffiti artist? (After sagittal inversion and colour enhancement to make him fit into his own artwork.)

A reader tip-off led us to an article on, purporting to show elusive artist Banksy. The Bristol-born wall sprayer is very protective of his identity, and spoke to The New Yorker this week about the difficulties of remaining anonymous.

So is he finally unmasked?

The snaps were allegedly taken in Jamaica three years ago. A thirty-something man is surrounded by the accoutrements of the stencil artist; in other shots, he stares at a series of Banksy rats on a gallery wall.

According to, the images were published in the Evening Standard in 2004 – and no one has referred to them since.

Three possibilities:

1. Back in 2004, Banksy was not quite the household name he is today, so everyone just forgot.

2. No one ever reads the Evening Standard.

3. This is all a hoax and the scan of the Standard on is a mock-up.

Questions need to be asked. Not least, how did John Lennon and Quentin Tarantino manage to spawn a love child?

Last Updated 13 May 2007


I reckon that is indeed Banksy - it looks just like a picture set of him I saw on the website of some Jamaican grafitti artist guy who claimed to have met Banksy a while ago, was unimpressed by him and posted photos of him online.

Last time I looked for the photos they were gone, however. Cease and desist maybe?

I am well aware that this source is somewhat less than authoritative but hey, I'm convinced.


It's not him. I met Banksy at Glastonbury a couple of years ago (he was actually doing one of his works at the time, so I can be reasonably sure it was him) and he didn't look anything like that at all.

The pictures of him coming out of Damon Albarn's studio a little while back looked a lot more like him to me than these pics do.