Track the Plaque

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Track the Plaque

Part 8

Nobody guessed last week's Father Jack plaque. So this week something easier.

Where in London can you find these celebrity flag stones, and what's with the misspelling?

Last Updated 07 April 2007


They're at Shakespeare's Globe. No idea why Michael Palin's name is mis-spelt, though. All the ushers when I worked there commented on it, and it's been there for years. Maybe it's a completely different bloke actually called Pallin? Probably not, though...


I Googled it and found this explanation from a tourist who had visited The Globe, "To raise money they sold blocks in the floor where they would put your name. So many people...famous and not.... contributed to these "blocks". John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) bought one for himself and then for his fellow MPer Michael Palin....on condition that they deliberately mis-spell Michael's name! So when Michael rounded up his friends and family to go look at this nice thing his dear friend did for him, they saw "Michael Pallin"


Congrats! You've got it between you. The story you googled was the same one I'd heard.