26 May 2017 | 21.2 °C


By Talia Last edited 121 months ago
Today is free ice cream day from Ben and Jerry's. Could you think of any better free day? Of course, for the first time in a week the sun has gone away, but that won't stop us. There are 4 Ben & Jerry's stores in London - Leicester Square, Oxford Street (near Bond St tube), Greenwich and Tower Place. Free ice cream is available between 1 and 5 and all you need to do is show up and ask for some. Brilliant.Londoners should perhaps particularly be wanting to try Bohemian Raspberry
(Vanilla ice cream with fudge brownies & raspberry swirls). After a nationwide new flavour search, B&J chose a suggestion by Peter Gerstle from Chiswick who wanted something that "really sang Britishness and Queen hits the right note. I am a big ice cream fan and I love the way they name their different flavours." We're not entirely sure how anything with brownies in it screams Britishness, but we're pleased that Brian May is continuing agreeing to anything he can throw the Queen name on.

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