Londonist's Back Passage

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Londonist's Back Passage

A tribute to the capital’s alleys, ginnels and snickleways.


31. Platform 1, King's Cross

Where? Erm, King's Cross. But it's more than just a platform. It's a sneaky back passage.

What? Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4 isn't the only secret portal on the station. Platform 1 runs along the east side of the main building - it's the one with the pirate-themed pasty stall and the AMT coffee kiosk. The powers that be allow pedestrians to wander the length as a rainproof alternative to York Way. A cobbled slip road at yon end leads up to the junction with Wharfdale Road.

The route is an endangered species. As part of a redevelopment of the station, Metronet plans to close off platform access to all but ticket holders. Local residents and workers have lobbied the authorities, and the decision now rests with Camden Council.

Why use? York Way is grim, so if you ever need to head that way, consider Platform 1 as an alternative (although the diesel fumes at the 'country end' of the station are also off-putting). A Wotsit of trainspotters can usually be found basking in the fumes.

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Last Updated 11 April 2007


Is it me or are Londonist yet to feature a back passage south of the river? Surely there is a alley, ginnel or snickleway worthy of note down here? I shall endeavour to find one :)


'A Wotsit of trainspotters.' Made me grin. Well done.


Anything you guys at Londonist can do to encourage keeping this back passage open would be gratefully received by the local residents... Please add a link or something!


Titus: I take your point. Most of the interesting historical stuff has happened in the City/West End, so this tends to be where the more worthy passages are. We did feature one alley in Borough a couple of weeks back.

Any suggestions always welcome.


The bridge across the tracks,which is visible in the photo, can be used as a shortcut between York Way and St Pancras


Ive used this 'back passage' for 3 1/2 years. They musn't close it!