Can't Get You Out Of My TARDIS

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Can't Get You Out Of My TARDIS

Kylie is set to make her television comeback in Doctor Who:

Kylie Minogue is reportedly set to return to the small screen as a cyberwoman out to snare Dr Who on the British television show's Christmas special. The News of the World said filming would start in July on the Dr Who special which could revive the Australian pop singer's TV career.

An easily recognisable theme tune, dodgy sets, dodgier acting and scripts written on the back of a beer mat. It'll be just like the glory days of Neighbours for Ms Minogue. Plus if she brings a few of her old costumes for David Tennant to slip into, the whole thing can slide into even higher camp mode than it is. At least until Bob Hoskins takes over the role of the Doctor next year.

Ok, we made that bit up, but come on, you'd love to see Hoskins nut a Dalek. Admit it.

Rumour has it that Madonna will follow Kylie's lead and make a guest appearance in season two of ITV's Primeval - a show about hideous reptiles from a bygone age refusing to stay in the past where they belong...

Cheers to Kristian for the heads up.

Last Updated 23 April 2007


I can think of nothing more hammy or shoddy than this woman still cashing in on her breast by appearing in Dr Who..hell she can barely sing let alone act.travesty to become an icon just because she got sick and entered into a merchandising over drive to kick her not too spectacular career up a notch of 16 on sympathy votes.On the plus side BBC spokesperson told all the tabloids this is unconfirmed rumour.!!!


How disingenuous of this woman to carry on cashing in on her sympathy card, now 2 years old ,of her breast to pretend she can act.She can barely sing She has used every medium going to promote herself into status unearned after her ailment.She is truly an insignificant performer of anything.mediocre at best.The fuss she has generated courtesy of getting sick for 6 months is absurd.


Wow. Two people with really similar names leaving comments demonstrating really similar outrage within a few minutes of each other. What are the chances of that, eh?

Lighten up Mac(donald). It's just a bit of fun, and there's never been any requirement for the Dr Who cast to be able to act.

And to be fair, Kylie was something of an icon long before her illness, whether you like it or not!