Worst. Burglary. Ever.

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Worst. Burglary. Ever.

Usually calls to aid the police in their inquiries are a bit grim, but we're kicking off with this one because it's the best part of the story:

Anyone who sees three foot Power Rangers, boxed Star Wars memorabilia or anything suspicious call Detective Constable Rachel Porter on 020 8247 4945.

Another week, another Power Rangers reference. This is the Case of the Missing Fanboy Junk.

A collector of rare science fiction memorabilia is mourning the loss of his life's work after thieves stole thousands of pounds worth of Star Wars and Power Rangers figures from a Kingston garage. Thieves broke into the garage in Washington Road at 3.30pm on Tuesday, February 20, and took a host of things to bring a tear to the eye of any boy who grew up in the 1970s and 80s. Boxes full of Star Wars figures, both the 12 inch and smaller ones, still in their original packaging, were stolen, as were four incredibly rare, three foot tall Power Rangers figures. Everything was in mint condition.

You can't blame him for hiding it in the garage. Have you been in Forbidden Planet recently? A couple of hundred quid for a figurine of Batman touching Robin's knee. Seriously, it's much cheaper to dress mice up in small costumes. At least they move. And get eaten by snakes.

Gary holds little hope of seeing most of his things again, but hopes a dealer or kindly stranger will see his rare toys and call the police. He has already begun searching auction websites, specialist shops and markets for something he recognises as his own.

Gary stop. Look on this as a sign. Find a nice real girlfriend or boyfriend to play with and you won't even have to keep them in their original packaging.

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He should hook up with this guy and be his room mate... or first mate...

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Science Fiction Interior Design
Tuesday, March 06

In the mid-'90s, Star Trek fanatic Tony Alleyne's wife left him, and then he converted their apartment into a replica of the Voyager spacecraft. (Kind of a chicken-and-egg thing going on there).

While the mission statement of the apartment might seem to be "To Boldly Go Where No Woman Will Ever Go"--or, as Gizmodo's Charlie White puts it, "Alleyne has [created] a bachelor pad where he'll probably never, ever get laid"--demand for similar spaces by other fans has led Alleyne to open his own "Science Fiction Interior Design" firm, 24th Century Design.

Scoff if you like, but all of us designers who've had to mock futuristic prototypes up out of what's available at Home Depot--as Alleyne has--can recognize the man has skills.