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The Illustrated Londonist

Any readers waking up blind after watching tonight's lunar eclipse are advised to stay clear of gardens and parks until the Londonist team has been round with some weed killer.

Last Updated 03 March 2007


Weirdly, like several other pictures from the lunar eclipse, your moon is 90 degrees out of orientation.

A couple of pictures on the BBC site were actually upside down.

I'm wondering where people are getting their pictures? Here's some taken from London the right way around!

Lunar madness?


Mike - you normally know this sort of thing.

What happens to werewolves during a lunar eclipse?


'Real' ones or fictional? Werewolves in folklore had little to do with the moon so would probably carry on about their business no matter what. Deals with the devil, curses and drinking from the paw-print of a wolf were always more potent than waiting for a full moon.

Books, TV and film love that little touch though. I would have thought that those werewolves would sustain a power slippage once the moon was cast into shadow, but at least one movie has their abilities increase.

A more interesting question might be what would happen to a werewolf on the moon :)