Pimp My Oystercard

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Pimp My Oystercard

Yesterday we let you know about badoyster, a company making satirical oyster card wallets. This got us thinking, why haven't more people got cool oyster wallets? An oyster card is something that most of us carry but most of us still use a battered Tfl one with all the colour coming off.

Well, it seems badoyster aren't your only way out of oyster wallet boredom. Oyster card wallets might just be the fashion accessory of 2007. A little while back, tasteful wallets like these were on sale at the currently closed London Transport Museum and they are also beginning to be used as promotional tools, such as this one used by band Dragonette.

Thank you to those of you who alerted us to the fact that, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the arts council, more than 100,000 specially designed ticket wallets, featuring the work of leading artists including Tracy Emin and writers such as Jeanette Winterson are being given out.

We have our fingers crossed that we'll pick up one of the 1000 knitted wallets.

However, this Guardian columnist had a hard time finding any of them,

Next stop Paddington, the official launch station of the celebratory plastic wallets. Again I explained what I was searching for to the man in the ticket booth, which prompted the response, "I've been here since five o'clock this morning, I was the very first clerk here and I'm telling you that there's been no delivery. They're not here, love."

So, launched today they may be, but available they are not. Or so I had concluded before I decided to venture into the mainline station and grab a coffee to ensure that my little sojourn had not been entirely in vain. Here, far from where Oyster cards are sold, topped up or in fact used, girls in bright pink T-shirts are handing out wallets to confused tourists fresh from Heathrow (who, I am fairly sure, are not in possession of Oyster cards, and therefore have little need for an artistic housing for them).

Have you seen any of these outside of Paddington mainline station?

Last Updated 22 March 2007


I have a lovely leather Radley oyster wallet gifted by a northern friend who was considering getting an oyster card just so she could have one!


As far as I know, you can still get the London Transport Museum Oyster Card wallets in the LTM Shop inside Covent Garden Market


the London Transport Museum isn't closed for good... they're closed for renovation for opening again in autumn 2007. should probably mention that.



Just out... Oxfam have linked up with designers to make sexy Oyster card wallets, I saw them on vogue and gq online news and metro news

and on the oxfam site


you can get a very nice oyster holder/wallet from www.travelcardwallets.net

Mark Church

Thanks Ben for this post on oyster card holders. It is also worth mentioning www.straydecor.co.uk where they have quite a few different Oyster Card holders and wallets.


For customized bespoke wallets try:



Great customer service and quick turn around, very helpful artwork studio. Also have a great stock range for ordering online.



I've stuck to the simpler designs. http://www.happyoyster.co.uk have always been good for standard oyster card holders. i have used them three of four times and they have never let me down.