Nuclear Masturbation for the Nation*

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Nuclear Masturbation for the Nation*

Are the Greenpeace campaigners still aloft their erection near the Commons? Anyone got any pics?

Once in position the activists unfurled a 50ft banner suggesting PM Tony Blair "loved" weapons of mass destruction.

We're not sure it is love as far as Tony is concerned. We reckon Blair just wants to have his way with the naive WMD's and then scarper rather than face up to the consequences. Bastard.

Two government members have so far resigned over Blair's hard-on for Trident's deep diving subs and sleek shafts of salty sea wrenching power. The Guardian's Comment is Free is currently picking over the bones:

It is widely acknowledged that the most likely beneficiary of any contract to replace the Trident submarines would be BAE Systems. This is the same company that is said to be facing a series of corruption probes. MPs will certainly wish to be made aware of any legal issues that arise on procurement matters in the context of a near-monopoly supplier that is under investigation on such serious matters.

It doesn't matter how corrupt the system is that plays with our nukes, or even if they really work - what really matters is that we never have to use them. At least until it's time for another expensive upgrade and then we can sell the obsolete ones to Iran or someone.

* With apologies to whoever is behind those god awful 'Mastication for the Nation' ads.

Last Updated 13 March 2007

U Thant

You know those adverts are for Trident gum, right?


Tony Blair is rapidly becoming the very first President of the UK.. Super dodgy links with big business have always existed in politics but this is taking the UK public for fools...

Proliferation of new nuclear weapons is dangerous and irresponsible - the "war on terror" won't be won with nukes and why would anyone want the "ultimate deterrent" if it means ending the world!

You can't tell Iran not to develop nuclear energy and the potential to make weapons whilst we continue to develop more effective weapons of mass annihilation..

Tony, your a tw*t.