Mexican Food Round-Up

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Mexican Food Round-Up

Transplants from across the pond can occasionally be heard bemoaning two particular things about food in London:

1. The dearth of good Mexican food in London

2. The dearth of good Mexican food after 11 p.m. in London (or, for that matter, the dearth of anything that is not a kebab or a hot dog after 11 p.m. in London, but that is a Londonist round-up for another day)

Why the lack of Mexican restaurants in such an international city? El Azteca , Cool Chile, and MexiGrocer provide access to the necessary ingredients. And quesadillas are showing up more and more as bar snacks. Rumor even has it that former Masterchef winner, Thomasina Miers, is set to open a new Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden this spring. So the seeds are there. In an effort to promote adoption, we've crammed as many of the known London Mexican establishments as possible into one easy reference guide. If we've missed any, do let us know. Gracias.


Beach Burrito

4 Berwick St


It doesn't get much better than this. Cheap, fast, summery, and centrally located. Berwick Street also offers some great people watching. We had the tacos, and we loved every bit. (They were a little heavy on the guacomole on the day we visited, but that's not a bad thing.)

Crazy Homies

125 Westbourne Park Road

W2 5QL

Fun and lively, but beware the long waits on the weekends. Great margaritas. Slightly kitschy decor. Get there early and/or call ahead to see what they crowd is like. Enjoy the fantastic and generous homemade chips and salsa. And don't tell your friends.

Daddy Donkey

Pitch 102, Leather Lane Market, EC1N

11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays

Londonist recently profiled The Daddy himself, Joel Henderson. He and his team serve up some pretty great Mexican grub at attractive prices, from a location convenient to Farringdon tube. Stay tuned for the Daddy Donkey delivery service.

Green & Red

51 Bethnal Green Road

E1 6LA

This place is not your typical Tex-Mex. (It's run by the same guys who run Hawksmoor and TimeOut Gastropub of The Year, The Marquess.) Green & Red specializes in regional cuisine from Jalisco, the home of tequila. It's a gourmet (and more expensive) alternative to the options mentioned previously, but the tequila list is truly outstanding. Convenient to Liverpool Street station.

Comida Mexicana

168 Goswell Road


This very small storefront on Goswell Road, frequented by local City University students, does a decent burrito. If you live in the general Clerkenwell area, they'll even deliver! Check the Web site for details.


139-143 Westbourne Grove

W11 2RS

Run by the folks over at Cool Chile—the same team that runs the chile stand in Borough Market—Taqueria makes the most of finely sourced ingredients. The cuisine is very traditionally focused. You won't find burritos as big as your head here, although you will find fine cocktails. Decor is very low-key.

Other Mexican restaurants in London..

Cafe Pacifico, Covent Garden

La Perla, Covent Garden

La Perla, Charlotte Street

Mestizo, Hampstead

Cafe El Paso, 350-354 Old Street, London EC1V 9NQ

El Panzon @ The Dogstar, Brixton

Mexifresh, Wimbledon home delivery

Mercado, Stoke Newington

High Chaparral, 35 Greenwich Church Street, London, SE10 9BJ

Other Web Sites that Address the Topic

MexiLondon @

London's Lack of Mexican @ Phil Gyford

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Neal R.

You have no idea what a valuable public service you have performed with this piece. Thank you. Thank you.


Things have really changed in London over the past few years; it actually is possible to get nice Mexican food at a number of different places.

El Panzon at the Dogstar ( is still my personal favourite (I prefer a grilled burrito if I can get one). Large portions & quite reasonably priced.

Also worth mentioning is Mercado on Stoke Newington Church Street. Great for drinks, and serving interesting regional dishes (but hit & miss). However service tends to be surly and rude.


I am still awaiting the day, when I can get fresh corn tortillas in London. Then I will know that Mexican food has truly arrived in the capital. Thanks so much for this piece.


Sorry to miss Mercado! I will update the piece later with the details.

Rob Christopher

Thanks so so so much. I'm visiting London in about 2 weeks and this info will be invaluable.


Mestizo is great!

I was looking all over for chipolte peppers the other day. Thanks for the grocery hints.


I also strongly recommend El Panzon at the Dogstar. Fantastic, filling food at a great price. Kind of lacking in the decor and service departments, but the food's so good I couldn't possibly care.


if you dont want to go out, there are really generous portions and not too shabby burritos via Global Express Cuisine. They'll deliver to you if you're in Islington/KingsCross/East London...


That's guacAmole, not guacOmole, you ersatz gringo


Do these places actually offer good Mexican food or is it a Mexican 'flavored' crap for white people? I have a feeling real Mexicans are laughing at this posting..

Krista know, I've done some research on the "flavored" (where are you from?) "crap" bit (so harsh!) and the Mexicans in London that I have spoken to--of which there are few--do tend to recommend Mestizo and Cool Chile. My sample size is very's four, actually. (Hey, I tried.) Thomasina Miers has done a ton of research into Mexican, so I am optimistic. Also, the food at Green & Red is much more regional in focus than anywhere I've ever been. Stay positive.


Never seen so much buzz about a little bit of news on Mexican food in London. My your all so passionate(hehehe Me TOO!)anyway I was wondering how is it you guys always miss the good ones in London.
Still, for home comfort I still get drawn to Brixton again and again and again!!... to El Panzon. The service can let it down some times, the margaritas suck, Mondays are impossible! If you want to eat, your going to have to wait for at least half an hour on a Monday!!! I avoid it, so I normally sneek in when it's a bit quieter through the week or for breakfast at the week ends.
Others that I really like for the real flavours of Mexico are Mercado(flavours & dishes great! Service..hmmmm) Taqueria (tasty, but too expensive!!!)
But I still keep bringing my fellow homies back to Brixton... Hope the owner opens a restaurant near Fulham or Battersea please, please, please! You'll make this lady very happy!!
P.S. if you've not tried their food then you won't understand why I have to spend up to 45 minutes traveling to fulfill my cravings..


Has anyone ever been to Freebird Burritos of Exmouth market??? Is it burrito place or proper mexican restaurant?




Freebird is awesome i work on exmouth aint a restaurant its a street stall but portions are huge and really.....mmmm tasty! EC1R something i think...anyway it outside of subway hahah poor little subway having an awesome burrito joint just outside. b