Ghostbustin' the London Sky

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Ghostbustin' the London Sky

A phantom menace plaguing the London cloudosphere has been discovered:

The airline BMI is to scrap a phantom service after it emerged that the company is flying an empty passenger jet between Cardiff and Heathrow in order to retain valuable slots at the London airport. The 124-seat plane shuttles between the airports six times a week but carries no passengers and no tickets are sold. BMI operates the empty services because if it did not it would lose its take-off and landing slots under "use it or lose it" rules at Britain's biggest airport.

We've said it before and we'll probably say it again, but all together now; What. The. Fuck?

An environmental group yesterday said BMed's strategy underlined the aviation sector's indifference to the fight against global warming. The group, Plane Stupid, said: "It is absolutely crazy that they are flying around these planes. It shows that airlines do not take climate change seriously. They have a free-for-all and they can do what they want." The 140-mile flight between Heathrow and Cardiff emits 5.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

More background here.

Last Updated 12 March 2007


Why is anyone surprised that an airline wouldn't be concerned about global warming?