Leggylass aims for London Pad

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Leggylass aims for London Pad

When we heard that Orlando Bloom was building a green house in London our first thought was surely he has more than enough money to just buy tomatoes.

But it turns out he means an environmentally friendly house:

"It's got solar panels on the roof, energy efficient light bulbs - newer technology basically that is environmentally friendly,'' he said after arriving in a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

We've seen the plans and can exclusively reveal that there's also going to be a Rivendell style look out tower, an almost impregnable outer wall based on Helm's Deep and a series of shafts leading down to the Mines of Moria. Via the Northern Line.

Yeah, we know LOTR is way old now, but this post just didn't work as well with pirate references

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Mark Walley

"...but this post just didn't work as well with pirate references"

I thought you guys where experienced at this blogging thing, everyone knows that things can only read better with pirate references.


Ahh young grasshopper... we are simply waiting for Orlando Bloom to make the ultimate ninja movie and then you'll see a post to be proud of.