Baby boy circumcised, dies

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Baby boy circumcised, dies


Police are investigating the death of a baby boy who suffered a cardiac arrest shortly after he was circumcised. The boy began having breathing problems at Golders Green United Synagogue, in north London, on 1 February. He was taken to a hospital nearby but was transferred to University College Hospital where he died on 9 February.

Scotland Yard are treating the death as unexplained while the the circumstances that led to the child becoming ill are being investigated. The Board of Deputies of British Jews are keen to point out that there was no established connection between the circumcision and the baby's death.

At the other end of the spectrum (and country), a baby was saved from death after being given viagra.

The Lord certainly moves in mysterious ways.

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Neal R.


Mr A Todd

Mutilating females is seen as outrageous and wrong. The acceptable mutilation of boys without their informed consent should be outlawed and antiquated relegious practices made illegal. As a child who was, in my mind, wrongly and illegally circumcised at birth and have in the past few years intentionally grown back my foreskin, I say those parents, doctors and religious fanatics who continue to force their beliefs on chldren should be accused of child abuse.