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Isn't it about time there was a major backlash against buying bottled water? Surely, it's just plain nobbish. London tap water is essentially free, has zero carbon footprint, does not add to landfill, is supposedly better regulated than most bottled varieties and tastes better than other regional tap waters. So why aren't the eco-warriors getting their teeth into the issue in a big way?

Selfridges have just upped the ante by selling a half litre of water for a ridiculous £2.79. And it's flown or shipped in all the way from the Catskills in New York State. This is stupid. And anyone who buys a bottle is a crazy, irresponsible foo'.

The drink, which costs over six times its equivalent in petrol, is called SEI, which looks suspiciously and confusingly like a local London postcode. A similarity picked up on by website SE1, who investigated further (i.e. they read the label):

Whilst Selfridges is keen to play up the connection with what they describe as the "exclusive London postcode", an investigation by our reporter reveals that the local link isn't what it first seems. Examination of the small print on the side of the bottle shows that the water is in fact called Sei and is available in the United States, Paris and Riaydh.

Do not buy this product. Use water from the tap. And if you're concerned about its purity, then drink nought but beer, like our medieval forefathers.

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Here's one possible reason... Oestrogen is allegedly more difficult to filter out than other contaminants - a friend of mine who works for Thames Water confirmed by saying: "hmm, yes, well it is a bit of a problem for us" (he drinks bottled water)



Now, I do love London, and Londonist, as much as the next guy (surely flattery will get me everywhere...) but you do have a tendancy to exaggerate: 'tastes better than other regional tap waters'? Really? Cause I was pretty sure that London water tasted like piss. Have you ever drank water from the tap anywhere in Scotland, or in Wales for that matter? It doesn't have any flavour, which I'm pretty sure is how it's supposed to be...

Richard Carter

Better than other tap waters in the London region, maybe: you are, after all, surrounded by all those nasty, chalky hills.

Officially, the best quality drinking water in the UK is in Yorkshire. Check out the Yorkshire Water website if you don't believe me.

Richard Carter