Town of the Damned

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Town of the Damned

It might be the holiday season but some of us have just returned from dial-up horror and can barely contain ourselves from attempting to read the whole internet. So, although a little later than some other bloggers we could hardly let this one go without mentioning could we:

A graffiti gang has caused thousands of pounds of damage to a north London Underground (LU) station. They sneaked into Camden Town station and covered walls, digital panels and CCTV cameras on all of the platforms with spray paint.

And when they say covered - by hell, they mean it. At some point on Xmas day, while the tube network was closed, it is thought that this 'gang' walked along the Northern Line from one of its outdoor points to gain access to the tube station. While vandalism is bad kids, wandering around the Northern line with presumably access to any station on any line must have been pretty cool, as well as very scary. Dave Knapik has some spectactular photographs of the station but if you want to see it in person you better hurry up as clean-up was well underway yesterday. Transport Police are scouring CCTV footage to find the culprits but some rumours are even claiming with Santa's Grotto out of the way, Banksy could be the one behind this chapter of the graffiti war.

Meanwhile, Brixton got some bunnies...

Brixton photo taken from Chumpolo's flickr stream and Alex Buchanan has some even more colourful and amazing ones.

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Haha that is pretty hilarious. I'm going there this afternoon to see if I can get any snaps - hopefully they haven't managed to clean up too much of it!


Camden Town Station already cleaned up. Pretty speedy job.


I wouldn't mind except the grafitti at Camden wasn't very good. Why go to all that effort to leave some rubbish art behind? At least the one in Brixton has some style.


The Camden one might be a bit in your face but it's the scale of it that creates the wow factor in that case.

nameless dude



yeah thats the biggest pile of sh*t that banksy was behind it, he's a fake and would never have the balls to do what the real graffiti writers did, some lazy opinions from people that have no clue about the scene, my hat goes off the the guys that did it, operation silverback -dont make me laugh

Edwin Lyons

Well its clearly not Banksy, its not his style.

i love the london scene

understandably camden was bad, but people dont realise that this isnt just for graffiti artists, this is for every1 who loves public space in london. ken livinstone is takin the piss, as londoners we're loosin freedom every day. for example cctv, oyster passes, its all unneccessary. these writers are people that have the balls to actually get up and do sumthing that shows that as the public, we still control wat goes on.


wow people are stupid.... some graffiti makes it into the papers and everyone assumes it's banksy... give the real artists real credit.. in brixtons case dtb crew.