Santa's Lap: London in a bag

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Santa's Lap: London in a bag
London in a bag

If you're currently running round shops trying to fill a Secret Santa for a person you barely know, then you simply can't go wrong with Muji's London in a Bag. Literally what it says on the tin (bag), this is a mini wooden version of famous London landmarks, all in a nice bag, and has been padding out our Christmas presents for the last few years.

You get a London Eye, a Gherkin, a Big Ben, a BT tower and a couple of strange looking cars. Plus there's a couple of non-descript skyscrapers - the tallest of which you could make your own little apex for, and turn it into Canary Wharf. Alternatively you could just rub some dirt into it, and tada - Centrepoint. We're sad to say you don't get a shocked looking nun too (perhaps she'd been using the Gherkin for other things), we just really liked the photo.

London in a Bag is available from Muji shops across London at the bargain price of £4.95.

Photo taken from Cowfish's flickr stream.

Last Updated 04 December 2006


I own this and it's an absolute joy, even if the BT Tower isn't exactly to scale.

Jason Paris

I purchased this when I was in London a few months back.

Paris in a bag is pretty cool too!


a friend gave me this as a gift of his last trip and I think it´s a very cool present. Not a postal, not a shirt, simple the city.