Olympics: Five Stories In One Day

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Olympics: Five Stories In One Day

Welcome to our in-no-way contrived, colour-coded guide to today's Olympic news.

Blue: Certainly not. Games organisers are delighted to report that public support for the games is at an all-time high. 79% of us think the 2012 Olympics are a jolly good thing.

Black: Your finances could be well and truly in the black if you win the Olympic lottery scratchcard launched today.

Red: Britain will not seek to criminalise the use of performance enhancing drugs for the Olympics, a decision at odds with many previous host nations. Instead, red-faced athletes caught taking such substances would be punished by the relevant sports bodies.

Gold: Our hard-earned shinies won't be going towards any cost over-runs. Ken has declared that Londoners will not be further taxed to meet the rising bill for the games.

Green: The District Line may be getting a new station name ahead of the games. A Tower Hamlets councillor wants to change the name of Aldgate East to 'Brick Lane', to reflect the growing fame of this culturally diverse street.

Last Updated 13 December 2006


Would that be the same Ken Livingstone who "committed" not to raise the congestion charge and "committed" not to scrap the routemaster?

Edwin Lyons

Aldgate East is a dump anyway. If they're going to rename it, rebuild it.