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Extra Extra
  • A Guardian journalist explores life inside the BNP.
  • A rare recording of a Christmas carol has been found in The British Library.
  • Two men have been jailed for robbing and spray-painting another man.
  • Does London have too many musicals?
  • And finally, Monica Lewinsky has stayed away from London's social scene and graduated from LSE.

    Photo taken from Nick Gray's photostream.

  • Last Updated 20 December 2006


    mmm love the Breakfast Club.


    Thanks for the heads-up on the BNP - I thought it was just for the few, but now I see that lots of people are involved and have joined up. Its amazing how we can become biased by the likes of the bbc and the like. Its groups like londonist that keep us informed.

    Incidently, I've also started the Kent National Party, because I don't like swarthy Essex folk who dont understand our Kentish ways. And I've started a group for the upstanding citizens of the Medway towns, because I don't like people who are too rural kentish either. Endless possibilities, this racism/hate stuff offers....its great.

    Nick Gray

    Cool! Thanks for using my photo :)
    One note - I hear that the milkshakes here are not what they used to be. But my tuna sandwich was great.
    Nick Gray from Atlanta, Georgia USA