Inside The Power Station

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Inside The Power Station

Remember, remember the fifth of November, as that will be your last chance to see the entrails of Battersea Power Station, and the exhibition on contemporary Chinese art. If, like us, you're really poor at organising your life, and missed the opportunity, then you might be interested in a short video tour online. TheLondonPaper seem to be good at filming spaces, even if they're not so hot at using them typographically. They've put together this short film that makes us want to kick ourselves in the back of the face for missing out on the real thing. No doubt London Lite had their own cameraman a few paces down Battersea Park Road.

Photo from dearbarbie's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 03 November 2006


I have photos of the power station too! Check out


I can't believe I missed this, too much deliberating.

I'm going on Monday, armed with a pair of bolt cutters if anyone else is interested.