Goldman Sucks

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Goldman Sucks

Sucking bankers are not popular, least of all to the disgruntled cleaning staff who have to tidy up around them for less than the current London living wage. It is offically recognised by the Transport & General Workers' Union (TGWU) as "teh Suck." Sucking like a big golden vacuum cleaner, in fact.

About 20 contract cleaners stormed the Goldman Sach's Fleet Street offices yesterday, leading to several highly paid bankers getting trapped in their "sucky" building. Foyer-based scuffles and the subsequent siege situation organised by the angry bunch of contract cleaners were supplemented by "Goldman Sucks" placards, all captured on video by independent film-maker Ross Curran who has been following the campaign for better wages with his camera over here.

The scuffles were initiated by disgruntled cleaning staff currently employed by the contract cleaning firm iSS and the Goldman Sachs offices were the venue of choice as the American investment bank owns a stake in the company. While the Goldman bankers are looking forward to a generous round of bonuses for Christmas, the iSS cleaners receive no sick pay and are still only earning an average £5.35 per hour which is below the London living wage of £7.05 per hour. For this, they win the special Golden Vacuum Award, awarded by the TGWU Justice for Cleaners campaign for their power to suck.

For more information on the TGWU Justice for Cleaners campaign, go to the website here.

Last Updated 29 November 2006


What is the London living wage? Does the capital have it's own specific minimal wage or is it just a recommendation?


The GLC came up with it, it is the amount you need to be paid to live decently - it is only a recommendation and by no means mandatory. It also includes the amount of sick pay and holiday pay one should be entitled to.

Currently at the LSE there is a massive student campaign to get the cleaning staff a living wage. They are also working for a contractor who pays them just over a fiver an hour.

Hopefully the campaign will be successful, last year Queen Mary University committed to being a Living Wage Campus.