Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
Police car
  • After this week's Crucifix row, British Airways have decided to review their uniforms.
  • Do you do a good impersonation of Cherie or Tony Blair? The producers behind 'The New Statesman - Alan B'stard's Extremely Secret Weapon' could be looking for you.
  • Is Syd Barrett's breadbin your ideal Christmas present? Get bidding!
  • There's another bus strike on Monday. Yippee!
  • And finally, the awesome Client are playing Mean Fiddler tomorrow with Slovenian nutcases Laibach. We're going. Are you?
  • Photo taken from stpiduko's photostream and the Londonist pool.

    Last Updated 24 November 2006


    hmm i wonder how many years will it take for people to learn the difference between various new eu countries.. just fyi slovakia isn't the same as slovenia.. laibach are from slovenia.. no hard feelings though.. i still like this irish blog :)


    That's nothing to do with us not knowing the difference between countries. More to do with me not checking my facts. I saw them live in Serbia and assumed they were from Serbia or Slovenia


    It's been called off thankfully!