Where London Transport goes to die

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Where London Transport goes to die

Whenever we travel we try our best to forget about London - as much as we love the city it is nice from time to time to escape the daily grind, the Standard's doom & gloom and the unpredictable weather. But London is everywhere. Even moving left some 5,500 miles we still run into Routemasters and black cabs.

Routemaster - a long way from home

There are two old doubledeckers here - the second actually adjoins the 'pub' and acts as an ad hoc smoking room for cancer seekers in between touchdowns.

In fact it's just like home. The shop sells baked beans and signs that say WANKER and outside is a red phone box and a handy set of stocks.

We're not reading too much in the fact that the place is called Cameron's and not Brown's...

Last Updated 16 October 2006


Sooner or later a pedant is going to point out that that isn't a Routemaster ... or even a London bus ... so it might as well be me.


Fair enough James :)

It somehow works though - what with the traditional pub grub being a tad too Californian and six TV sets all tuned to the Gridiron.