Lib Dems In Shoddy Survey Shocker

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Lib Dems In Shoddy Survey Shocker

There is a lot to like about the Liberal Democrats - the little yellow bird they have as their emblem, the nice old man they have running the show - but today they've churned out a survey with the usefulness of a Cornish nationalist in the Scottish parliament.

The survey, carried out by London Assembly's Liberal Democrats, found an adult ticket at Leicester Square can cost £12.45 more than in Europe

The 'survey' shows that to see a film on Saturday night at a top cinema in Leicester Square costs £17.50 for an adult ticket, while the average cost for a show across 10 European capitals is just £4.95.

It is however, rubbish. Comparing the most expensive cinema in London against the average ticket price in Europe is bound to throw up this sort of result. The average ticket price in London is not £17.50 and added to this, here in London we tend to earn quite a lot more than those in Athens or Lisbon.

Perhaps there is a point to be made (just not this ham-fistedly) and perhaps cinema in London is a little expensive (although probably no more so than any other pursuit in London), but it isn't "becoming a luxury few can afford" as Dee Doocey, London assembly's Liberal Democrat Culture spokesperson claims. If few could afford it, the price wouldn't be that high - simple economics.

We'll see you in Showcase Wood Green on a tuesday with £3.75 in hand. Go and see The Departed, it's brill.

Last Updated 18 October 2006


Where on earth did they get the figure of £17.50 from? And as you said, people in London tend to earn more than on the mainland. People in London earn more than most places on Earth.

I do agree that tickets in central london are too expensive, but you can always go and see a film in other parts of London for much less. It is simple supply and demand. There are lots of people in central london demanding to see a movie at a fixed number of cinemas, so the price is always going to be on the high side.

The Lib Dems make sense on some issues, but their lack of grasping simple economics is scarey.


Actually if you check out the survey itself, it compares the Saturday night price at the Odeon Leicester Square with equivilent cinemas in the prestige city centres of other big EU cities like Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm (all rich cities with comparable incomes) - not the average ticket price. Obviously you can get cheaper tickets weeknights or out of the centre - most likely you can in Denmark or Germany too - but at the three Central London cinemas in the survey the price varies from 11 pounds to 17.50 whereas a ticket at the same time at the Copenhagen Vester Vov Vov would cost the equivilent of 6.32 and at Cinemaxx, Berlin you'd pay 5.40

It's a flawed survey, of course, but the comparison is still fairly stark.


It seems they did try and compare like with like, it still seems a bit ham fisted though. The figure of over 17 pounds is misleading when talking about the price of going to the cinema in London (even when talking in terms of the "best cinema experience".) The Odeon Leicester Square is a very individual case in my opinion. Even the BFI London IMAX cinema is £8.50 for a standard adult ticket, far below £17.50. And to conclude that cinema is a luxury that few can afford is pretty odd!

Joe T.

London is "a little expensive"? I'm from the US and I recently spent three weeks in Europe -- Vienna, Budapest, Milan, Florence and London. During one week in London, I spent more than I did in all the other places, combined. Not only that, a tiny, cramped, shoddily-furnished bed & breakfast in London (Pimlico, near Victoria Station) cost as much as 3-star hotels in Vienna and Milan.

London's got a problem, but it will take more than the LibDems and their wimpy yellow bird to fix. It'll take a whole re-thinking of the British classist system, which evolved over centuries to dump society's costs on the middle class while the upper crust hides behind its walled compounds sipping Port and playing croquet.