Random Graffito of the Week

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Random Graffito of the Week

We were tipped off about this one by reader Penni. A lifesize stencil of Jack the Ripper in the heart of his former stomping ground. How could we resist tracking it down for a photo? But even though we anticipated it, the stark silhouette managed to scare the bejesus out of us, hugging the wall of Parliament Court as we approached from Artillary Passage. The Ripper would have known these alleys well, and commited his most gruesome murder on the next block.

Judging from Flickr, this one's been up since early August, but no one seems to know who's behind it. Doesn't look much like a Banksy. Whoever stenciled this, it's an excellent example of how graffiti can work with, and add to, the character of an area. Don't agree? Take a look at this.

Last Updated 20 October 2006

Chungaiz Khan Mumtaz

scared the crap out of me when I first saw it... on a dark night, turning the corner... I think I even jumped!


can't tell you who it is by, or else the ripper might get me, but I can tell you it is not banksy

Michael Pavey

"The /m_a_n_t_i_s Fotolog account
has been closed" :(

Jack the Painter

Thanks for the kind comments you can see more of my work here www themantisproject co uk


I'm watching you..... !