Random Graffiti of the Week

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Random Graffiti of the Week

This cute but sad sticker can be found ALL over town. We're not quite sure who's behind it, but this has been one of our favourites for some time. So we were delighted to chance across a whole row of the little fellows yesterday, on the corner of Cowper and Tabernacle Streets (behind Old Street roundabout).

Last Updated 06 October 2006


the artist called 'besher', i think.


Very nearly - it's by Basher.

I know because I've got a wood-backed print of that exact little fella on my bedroom wall. Although I have no idea if it's the artist who's putting them up round town or just someone else who liked the image.


Simon Basher! I bought some art off him at Spitalfield's Market a year ago. His work is fantastic. I miss London.


Oh I haven't seen it! It must have something to do with not working in the oldstreet area anymore - before I used to see Bansky's and all of that everyday.
But this one is decididely cute :)

Seems this is the homepage of the author: http://www.basherworld.com/