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Photo of the Day
Trafalgar Square

There's a lot to like in Firky's snap of Trafalgar Square.

The police get a lot of grief and never enough credit for their pointing skills. It would be hard to point any more forcefully than that. And the black leather fetish glove helps a lot.

So too does the fact that his little decapitated pal seems to licking his lips in anticipation of what exactly is going to be happening at the end of that finger...

Last Updated 16 October 2006


Oooh you guys are, like, sooo anti-establishment. Wish I was as cool as you. Is it really worth posting this as Photo of the Day just so you can aim a typically weak jibe at a couple of coppers? Or was this the only entry you recieved?


Robin. Is it really worth posting this comment just so you can aim a typically weak jibe at an overweight blogger?

Oops, I just did it too.

Mike = easy target.

In more ways than one.

Oops, I did it again.


Well the main point of any Photo of the Day is that it’s simply a cracking shot that drew our attention in the first place. It's just that the subject matter here is ripe for weak jibes. But don't fret - I dare say that the establishment will survive and coppers will continue to point at things for some time to come.

Easy targets like fat bloggers and the boys in blue tend to be resilient creatures. The only difference is that we tend to eat more pizza instead of shooting you in the face.


"There you can get ice-cream.... and over there is Krispy Creme..."