Eat The North?

By Rob Last edited 140 months ago
Eat The North?

Every year the Which? Good Food Guide announce their 'Premier League of restaurants' and every year London comes top of the table.

Indeed, this year, out of the 1200 or so restaurants that make up the list, 333 of them were in London, and the guide's editor, Andrew Turvil, is even quoted as saying that "No ther city can compete, just as Chelsea have dominated the Premiership these last few years."

But we shouldn't get too smug. Yes we have Gordon Ramsay et al, but the North are creeping up on us. As Turvil (a man seemingly fond of a lazy cliche) says:

It's not so grim up North with Manchester and Leeds near the top of the table.

Indeed Manchester came second in the foody league table, followed by Edinburgh and Leeds.

And, of course, we probably shouldn't forget that if there was a European Championship of restuarants we'd more than likely get our arses whipped.

Last Updated 03 October 2006


To stretch the football theme even more, one could also argue that the most stylish English restaurant cooking has a heavy French influence.


I'm not sure your analogy holds up. In the football world, the French influence has been shown up as attractive but ultimately ineffective over recent seasons.


If ineffective is getting to a Champions League final, then please let Peter Taylor be completely ineffective at Palace...

If you really want to relate 'effectiveness' to it, then clearly the analogy falls down, since it's the American influence (McDonald's et al) that predominates the 'restaurant' culture in England. I'd still prefer my ineffective but stylish food.