World’s Tiniest Boy: A Short Update

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World’s Tiniest Boy: A Short Update

Well, it looks like master Khagendra Thapa Magar, the 50 cm Nepalese boy we mentioned yesterday, won’t be coming to London after all. Guinness World Records have ruled that, at 14, he’s just too young to qualify as world’s smallest man. So he has to wait four years before flying over here to get measured up. Which is a shame. Especially as the esteemed Book of Records seems to be introducing ever more nonsense categories with each edition. Last time we looked, all manner of guff got shoehorned in. World’s smelliest chimp, the tallest cathedral in Norwich, the woman with the fewest arms on the Isle of Skye. That kind of thing. Norris McWhirter is said to be close to breaking the record for number of turns within a grave. Surely they can make up a category for young Khagendra, such as Nepalese 14 year-old with the largest hopes-dashed compared to height ratio.

Last Updated 05 September 2006


Oh yeah! I saw him on t.v. my he really is that tiny. He was on a table and some of his friends were cracking jokes at him. i think he is so cute.