Thames Traffic Montage

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Thames Traffic Montage

We hate to say it, but the Daily mail might have actually come up with an interesting story today.

They've published this picture which shows all the boats which passed between Tower Bridge and London Bridge in one hour in a single composite image.

The montage was put together by photographer Alisdair MacDonald, who set up his camera on London Bridge between midday and one o'clock and photographed every vessel that passed.

According to the Mail the number of passengers on the river has risen by 4 per cent since 1999 to 2.3 million a year and the the increase in the number of commuters has shot up by 80 per cent in the past year,

The report also goes on to mention that the River Thames could possibly be an illegal immigrant and may have also played some part in the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

(Yes we know all today's papers have got this picture in them but the Mail is the only one which has every boat labelled to tell you what it is - we admire that level of geekiness.)

Last Updated 14 September 2006


Are you sure that this issue is related to the princess' death? Any sources where i can browse through?


I am occasionally impressed with what the Daily Mail comes up with! That was a brilliant idea for a shot. I've only just discovered this blog but it seems very good indeed. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out here.


Diana? Dead? You COULD have broken it to me gently!


Haha, wicked picture. Really creative!


It is clever ... but if you look at the Mail's treatment of the story it's played as bad news for London because the Thames is in "gridlock." I'd have thought it's good news that the Thames is so vibrant, but then perhaps that's why I don't work for the Daily Mail.


To give the photographer his due - it looks like he's a freelancer who's gone out ahead of the Thames Festival and come up with this idea and then flogged it to all the papers.

I don't think the Mail commissioned it or it wouldn't be everywhere - they have printed it in colour and annotated it though.


(... reaching for the office copy of the Mail) .... oh yeah, well cool. HOW geeky is THAT?! Appeals to the side of my brain that yesterday bought a book about the history of steam trains in Finland.