Quonah, If You're Reading This...

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Quonah, If You're Reading This...

Reader 'James B' spotted this pleading note pasted to the side of a builder's portaloo (classy) in Bewdley Street, Islington. We'd love to know how this turns out. We'd also like to speak to a well-known Tory politician, and a former presenter of A Question of Sport to rule them out of our enquiries.

Last Updated 01 September 2006


hahahaha - this appeared all over angel this morning

its on the post boxes on colbrooke row and on a side of a house

how do you pronounce quonah

Rob J

Haha - presumably he believes the portaloo on a building site to be a place she is likely to frequent?! Or maybe these are up all over town - be very interesting to see what happens, if anything


People you use the word 'babe' that many times in such a small piece of text don't deserve forgiveness in my book. A slap, yes, but not forgiveness


So I wonder what he did to her to drive her away? Something tells me there may have been a bit of volince in the relationship. I could be totally wrong, but if right, she is right to stay away from him.


Not just Islington - saw one on York Way (North of King's X) on my way in this morning...


His languagae implies something a bit worse than a row.


The USA is in the midst of class warfare but the elite-owned mass media will not cover the issue and the politicians, the lackeys of the BIG corporations refuse to mention the struggles of the ever-growing number in America's underclass.

If conditions continue it is inevitable the masses will arise.


The lady in question was spray painting out her name when I went past it the second time. She explained to me that he beat her up on the Saturday and that he was a stalker. I can believe that... she looked seriously p*ssed off

Ben Jhonson

Sometimes people mess up. Some more than most i agree, some in bigger ways than others. People need to stand back, Quonah included and ask them selves one question, Who else do you know would go through so much effort to try and say sorry? No matter what David C has done, it sounds like these 2 people have a history that made them love each other for as long as they did. QUONAH, SPEAK TO THE MAN, here what he has to say and if need be, them tell him to go! At least give both your selves closure.