Outer Circle Line On The Cards?

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Outer Circle Line On The Cards?

Hands up if you’re a fan of the Circle Line. What, no one? Well, that’s a pity because London looks set to get a new, improved, bigger and possibly better circular railroad. Yesterday, Ken announced his intentions to link souped-up versions of the North London Line (AKA Silverlink, Freerail, Nutterlink) and the East London Line. There will then be options to link up to existing routes through south London to complete what would effectively be an outer Circle line. Here’s a PDF, if you want to start planning your route from, say, Croydon to Gospel Oak.

Because the tracks already exist, for the most part, this is all going to happen rather quickly.

By joining together the North and East London Railways ahead of the London 2012 Olympics, we will create a new rail artery around the city, serving 20 London boroughs.

Says Ken. The decision also means a more ambitious schedule for the current extension to the East London Line. Extensions to Dalston Junction and Caledonian Road will be brought forward to Phase I, to help link up with the North London Line.

The new route is suddenly on the cards thanks to TfL taking over the North London Line in 2007. The current service is, in many people’s opinions, shambolic and dangerous. Delays and cancellations are seemingly the routine; many stations are unmanned, encouraging crime; and unhelpful Oyster policies and zone boundaries confuse the traveller. The news that the line will be significantly upgraded and linked to the Tube network is very welcome indeed.

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I noticed on the news that they boasted - "you'll be able to travel from West Croydon to Richmond, via dalston junction"

Why the hell would you do that? Why not - go to Clapham Junction and then onto Richmond, instead of orbiting 3/4s of the city. muppets


Having lived in London for over a year, I've struggled to understand why many of the tube lines are in such a horrible state. Granted many are quite old, but considering what the average person pays to commute on a daily basis, you'd think they would have the funds to reinvest in the infrastructure.


North London Line (AKA Silverlink, Freerail, Nutterlink).... had me in stiches :)

Edwin Lyons

I've often thought this would be a Good Thing to do. I've used the north london line a couple of times at it varies between dire and dangerously scary ;)

The current plan looks rather a mess though, too many branches going off it...

If it improves the number of trains from Kensington Olympia to Clapham junction I'm all for it... the existing service is continually under threat by the current franchise owners.

Ursula: I think they're improving gradually... they appear to be slowly working along the central line west to east upgrading the platforms and stations, not sure about other lines though.

I don't understand some of the logic on the map, for example:

Kensington Olypia is shown as a double interchange, I understand this means you have to walk a bit, but actually the district and mainline platforms are right next to eachother.

West Hampstead is the reverse - the overground is 200 meters away from the underground, yet its shown as a normal interchange...

The stupid wheelchair signs are really annoying - couldn't they find a neater way that doesn't make whole lines look like strings of blue blobs!?


Ed: The West Hampstead interchange you mention may reflect plans to link together the Tube, Thameslink and Silverlink into one big station. Not sure what the latest is on this, but the idea has been around for years.